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Systems Analyst/Security Consultant ~ Consultation, Project Management, Support, Training

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Training ~ manages, organize and conduct computer training for management and office staff on site (private client training room)

Includes Desktop Applications/Business Skills (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook, SharePoint), Technical IT Training (Cloud Computing, Programming, Visualization), Strategic Technology Management, etc. 

Rates - on a per user basis with maximum 25 students per session (2 hours), interactive training with handouts or manuals provided

$20 per hour - per student ($1000 per session/small) 

$30 per hour - per student ($1500 per session/medium)

$40 per hour - per student ($2000 per session/large)

$50 per hour - per student ($2500 per session/corporate)

NB: depends on size of organization - 

small (10-25 users), medium (25-75 users), large (75-100 users), corporate (100+ users)


Consultation ~ advice and assistance on acquisition, installation, and maintenance of computer systems...

Includes Requirement Analysis, Security Assessment, Penetration Testing, Disaster Recovery, Remote Support etc.

Rates - on a per hour or per session (90 minutes) basis

$100 per hour

$150 per session 

NB: minimum 5 hours or 4 sessions 


Programming ~ coding, testing, implementing and maintaining system developments as required ...

Includes writing and testing programs/code and preparing user /system manuals for the operation and maintenance of software etc.

Platforms: Mobile (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablets), Web (C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, .NET, Java, Node.js, HTML5, XML), Database (Oracle, MySQL), Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Rates - on a per hour basis man-hours from RFP functional specification to implementation/go-live

$50 to $200 per hour depends on scope and complexity of the project

NB: billed by the hour with regular progress updates


"I would have to say that Terrence was one of the best employees I ever had the pleasure to work along side.

Although his title was a Technical Support Analyst when he was at Triversity, he was really an Operations Specialist due his knowledge of CRM, ACD applications, Crystal Reports, programming and so much more. The depth of his knowledge was really quite extraordinary.

Terrence could be counted on to complete any task assigned to him on time and with quality every time, without exception.

I would highly recommend him for any position he may choose."

- Rick Godin,  Senior Manager at Capgemini Canada