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"I would have to say that Terrence was one of the best employees I ever had the pleasure to work along side. Although his title was a Technical Support Analyst when he was at Triversity, he was really an Operations Specialist due his knowledge of CRM, ACD applications, Crystal Reports, programming and so much more. The depth of his knowledge was really quite extraordinary. Terrence could be counted on to complete any task assigned to him on time and with quality every time, without exception. I would highly recommend him for any position he may choose."

— Rick Godin, Operations Manager, Triversity Inc (now SAP Triversity)

"Terrence provided timely information and technical analysis when required. He was always pleasant to work with. When issues arose, he clearly articulated the issue, and worked with my group to resolve issues. Terence always approached any issue calmly, got the facts, and worked to a quick resolution. Regards, Lucie Bellemare"

— Lucie Bellemare, Hosting Coordinator, SAP Canada Inc.

"Terrence is a great team leader -professional, supportive, motivational, handling very well the crisis situations the ECCB threw at him on a daily basis. He approaches his job with a deep understanding of the business and technical issues while utilizing his broad technical background ,excellent commercial sense and raw intelligence. I recommend Terry as someone you can trust with any major undertaking, project or simply to take into your confidence."

— Lionel Caines, Student, Saint Mary's University

"Terrence Richards possesses an understanding of Information Technology issues and nuances, which is usually not attained through the mere diligent application of oneself to formal education, but additionally through years of patience, painstaking attention to, and working with a diverse set of IT systems/applications. Terrence also consistently demonstrates selfless interest in the welfare, well-being and personal development of those whose duties he oversees, with a view to mentoring and otherwise acting beneficially in their behalf."

— Earlington Etienne, Assistant Manager, TDC Group of Companies

"Terrence was very meticulous and helpful colleague from the MIS Department who was always willing to share his knowledge and help solve complex problems".

— Daniel Arthurton, Deputy Director, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB)

"Great person to work with. Very positive, energetic, always willing to help and get involved. Would definitely recommend Terry."

— Michael Veira, Systems Analyst/Network/Systems Admin, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

"During my time working with Terrance at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, I found him to be very result oriented. He was very responsive to any issues we had regarding our systems, and he was always quick on finding solutions to issues. He is a very discipline and focused worker. I can recommend him to work with any company without reservations."

— Vincentia Cherry-Inanga, Investment Officer II, The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

"I am very pleased to recommend Terrence Richards. As his coworker for some years at the Basseterre High School, I can attest to his exceptional ability and kindheartedness. He is a high achiever and a pleasure to work with. Terrence well organized individual who takes pride in his work which is always exemplary. He displays outstanding leadership and organizational skill and it is clear to me he is an exceptional professional."

— Ian Morson, Teacher, Basseterre High School

"Terry is a very knowledgeable and reliable professional as well as an excellent team player. He is dedicated to his job and often comes up with new ideas to improve reliability and maintain customer satisfaction. He can identify opportunities and produce results. He is resourceful and well respected in his profession. I was taught by him at Francis Secretarial Academy 95 and recently worked with him on the ICDL national development project 2008. He is self motivated and exhibits great patience and humour as a professional. It has always been a pleasure working with you and I look forward in doing other projects with you."

— Rawle Browne-Maynard, Software Developer/Graphic Designer, IT Consulting & Startup Firms

"In an industry where experts often come across elitist and impersonal, Terrence was the exact opposite. His approachable and friendly nature combined with his expert status in IT established him as a pioneer in IT Training in St. Kitts & Nevis, and was the most sought after instructor in the Federation. Terrence was also a heavily experienced Systems Analyst, who developed and managed some of the largest and most secure networks in the islands. Indeed his work experience is matched only by his academic achievements. A true leader, of both technology and people, Terrence is an enormous asset for any company that is lucky enough to have him."

— Joseph Herde', CEO / COO / Partner, Tech Startups (IT / VoIP)

"Terrence Was recommended, as one of the go to guys in St. Kitts-Nevis with respect to IT. He is indeed an IT Professional, I have had the privilege to hire Terrence in the past and would not hesitate to do so again in the future. Terrence is meticulous and professional and has in my experience always discharged his responsibilities in an exemplary manner."

— Russell Williams, Owner, The IT Facility

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