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Systems Analyst/Security Consultant ~ Consultation, Project Management, Support, Training

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$20.00 $50.00


Training ~ manages, organize and conduct computer training for management and office staff on site (private client training room)

Includes Desktop Applications/Business Skills (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook, SharePoint), Technical IT Training (Cloud Computing, Programming, Visualization), Strategic Technology Management, etc.

Rates - on a per user basis with maximum 25 students per session (2 hours), interactive training with handouts or manuals provided


$20 per hour - per student ($1000 per session/small)

$30 per hour - per student ($1500 per session/medium)

$40 per hour - per student ($2000 per session/large)

$50 per hour - per student ($2500 per session/corporate)


NB: depends on size of organization -

small (10-25 users), medium (25-75 users), large (75-100 users), corporate (100+ users)

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